Website Design and Website Development Services

Swartwerk Media Design in Chicago provides a mutlitude of services to its website clients. We develop custom WordPress themes for clients who require a custom design but want access to maintain their own content. For clients that have complex functionality that is beyond custom WordPress themes we will design and build a custom content management system (CMS) tailor made to their specific needs. Swartwerk Media Design in Chicago also builds custom shopping carts, ecommerce solutions and web database applications.

Custom Web Database Applications in Chicago

Custom Web Database Applications

Web database applications are ideal when you are trying to organize and track large amounts of data. You could be cataloging art, communicating with club members and emailing them birthday coupons, or simply storing thousands of multilingual product specifications. All of the web database applications that Swartwerk Media Design develops are hand-coded, scripted, and programmed.

> Custom Web Database Applications

Custom WordPress Themes in Chicago

Custom WordPress Theme Development

WordPress can offer you the access and flexibility of updating your website content and graphics yourself. Swartwerk Media Design hand codes each custom WordPress theme to the specifications of the website design. Swartwerk Media Design uses custom post types, custom meta boxes, custom fields, theme options, and additional WordPress text editors if needed.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in Chicago

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Swartwerk Media Design has been performing search engine optimization (SEO) services for more than a decade. We analyze your website alongside your competitors' websites, examine your link popularity, and compile strategic keywords to create a comprehensive, long-term search engine optimization (SEO) campaign. Once your SEO campaign is up-and-running, we track your search engine rank daily and monitor strategic keywords to chart the campaign's progress.

> Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Custom WordPress Blogs Themes in Chicago

Custom WordPress Blogs

WordPress is the most common blogging platform on the Internet. Swartwerk Media Design will design a custom WordPress blog theme for you and hand-code it to the specifications of the blog's design. Visitors will be able to perform text searches on your blog, as well as comment on your blog posts (if you want them to).

> Custom WordPress Blogs

Custom Website Design in Chicago

Custom Website Design

Swartwerk Media Design listens closely to each client to develop and create a custom website that meets their online marketing needs. When building your website, Swartwerk Media Design uses hand-coded HTML and CSS layouts. These load more quickly and are more backward and forward compatibile, allowing your website to display similarly in older, unsupported browsers and display well in future browsers with unknown specifications.

> Custom Website Design

Website Maintenance in Chicago

Website Maintenance

Whether you need simple changes or pages added to your website, Swartwerk Media Design can handle your website maintenance for you. Some typical changes that Swartwerk Media Design manages include text updates, graphical image updates, enhanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and enhanced functionality.

> Website Maintenance

Custom Brochure Websites in Chicago

Custom Brochure Websites

Not all websites are built on a WordPress platform. If you have a smaller website or a website that will be updated by a web professional maybe a static brochure style website is for you. A brochure website can be one page or 10 pages and will have a lower production cost because there is no database implementation.

> Custom Brochure Websites

HTML Emails / Newsletters in Chicago

HTML Emails / Newsletters

HTML emails allow a business to keep in touch with its most engaged customers, those who have signed up for HTML emails. Whether you want to share information about discounts, send promo codes, alert customers when new products arrive, announce upcoming sales, or just say "Thank You!" or "Happy Holidays," Swartwerk Media Design can design, send, and manage your HTML email communications.

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